World of Vanessa

Vanessa Souza

V.SOUZ Head Designer

Vanessa Souza is a Brazilian born fashion designer previously based in Los Angeles and now in Sydney, Australia. Class, royalty, luxury and appealing is her design concepts. She is a passionate designer driven by perfection, taking inspiration from classic European haute couture designers. Her Brazilian background influences in her passion not to only design evening wear but to also design couture Resort collections. She loves to work with delicate fabrics such as silk, lace and embellished fabrics. Vanessa’s goal is to make women feel naturally beautiful as they were created.

At a young age, Vanessa Souza was passionate about fashion and the world of modeling, acting and dancing. She studied acting, modeling and contemporary dance. Vanessa won a few beauty competitions in Brazil. When she finished her high school studies she moved to Australia to do her bachelor in Fashion Design at Whitehouse Design Institute in Sydney. Vanessa Souza graduated with High Distinction and had her signature collecting showcased on events all over Australia, She was selected to audition for the TV Reality Show “Project Runway” Australia. Since then Vanessa Souza decided to create her own label V. SOUZ. In 2011 she got engaged. While Vanessa was shopping for her wedding gown she realized that the quality that people were paying for was not worth the value of the gown. With her fashion background, she realized that consumers were not getting their money's worth. From that experience, Vanessa Souza decided to design her own wedding gown and after the success of her gown, Vanessa made the decision that she was going to design haute couture wedding dresses and gowns for the most important moments of every women's life: Weddings, special event, holiday and honeymoon.